I was a non-believer.  I believed the pin in my ankle was the cause of all my problems.  The foot doctor thought I should see a chiropractor.  I finally did and am very glad I did it.  My feet don't hurt as much and the feeling is coming back.  Been feeling so good in general it's scary.  I have hope of doing more and staying healthy.  It's a great feeling.  - Jill Goben


Dr. Adendorf's philosophy is straight forward and sincere. Identify and correct the problem and educate on posture, form, & prevention. I met him at a triathlon and he has been treating me periodically over that last 5 years. I am able to regularly train and compete in Ultra Endurance events that sometimes involve 5-6 hours of biking or running. - He is able to maintain my form and physical well being with expert care. I highly recommend. - Chris Dandeneau.


My biggest problem is with migraine headaches.  Dr. Lucas has figured out that a lot of them are caused by my skull compressing on my spine.  When I come in on a regular basis, my migraines are not as severe.  When I do get them the staff has always been able to get me in on a moments notice.  Most other Dr's have to have an appointment set in stone.  The Dr's and the clerical staff have always been the best, nicest and most polite that I have encountered.  - Sharon Bolinger


 My name is Abby Vertican and I have known Dr. Donovan for about 5 years.  When I was younger I had a lot of issues with my back, hips, shoulders and neck, especially because I played sports.  Every time I needed to be straightened out he is the one I have gone too.  No matter what, I know I am going to get good quality service on a personal level.  Dr. Donovan has always inquired about my sports and my family.  He is so personable and truely cares about the health and well-being of his patients.  He also gives me helpful tips for what to do when certain areas are hurting.  I would definately recomend Dr. Donovan to my friends and family.               - Abby Vertigan


HealthZone Chiropractic has helped me immensly.  I had learned to deal with my back pain and headaches for a long time.  I had headaches nearly every day!  Until I realized that I just had to do something about it.  A friend referred me to Dr. Ryan Lucas and his practice, and it was the best thing I had done.  My back is progressively getting better and I rarely get headaches.  Thanks so much for helping me.  HealthZone's staff is wonderful and Dr. Lucas is a very patient doctor.   - Kristy Kent


I can not say enough good things about HealthZone Chiropractic.  After servicing 14 years in the Army's 5th Special Forces Group, running and triathlon racing for over 4 decades, I have beat my body up pretty good.  I was medically discharged from the Military after injuring my back one too many times.  The last time left me with intermittent feeling in my right leg and 5 herniated disks in my low back.  The doctors said I would never run again and would probably have trouble walking for the rest of my life.  With being active the keystone of my life, I was not going to let some doctors tell me what I can and can not do.  With a few years of mental and physical rebuilding, I not only was able to run again, I was able to race again.  I have ran numberous marathons, adventure races, triathlons, and even competed in 2 Ironman Triathlons.  I could not have done any of it without believing in myself, mentally and physically, but I could only do so much "physically" by myself.  If it wasn't for regular visits to my good friend Dr. Donovan Adendorf I would not have been able to regain this active lifestyle.  He has been there for me countless times with his endless guidance, expertise, and most of all a "crack' here and a "crack' there.  I feel without him I would not be as healthy as I am today.  When you go from not being able to stand up straight, take a deep breath, or even be able to pick up your own 6 year old daughter, to not only finishing, but racing a full140.6 mile Ironman Triathlon.... life is good!  I can not thank him enough for giving me back my health and my life.  Without these regular adjustments, I would be half the person I am today.  So believe, receive and get off your knees.  Life is too short to stay on the sidelines.  Live it and love it to the MAX!!  - Glen Oliver


2011 marks the 7th anniversary of my care through HealthZone Chiropractic in Gaylord.  I'd been in a car crash years before, that left me with lots of headaches and pain.  Since then, the headaches are only occasional and rarely involve any over the counter headache remedies.  It's great to feel so good and to be able to stop in at "my" convenience, for a quick adjustment!  The staff there is awesome!  They're really accommodating and very informative!  - Dianne Newman


I have been a HealthZone Patient for about a year.  Dr. Lucas was recommended to me by my sister when I moved up from down below.  During this time Dr. Lucas has kept me relatively pain-free and able to go about my daily chores with ease.  Dr. Lucas has worked on my back, neck, the tendonitis in my left arm and my thumbs.  He has used a 150 year old Russian technique to strenghten my knees.  Through HealthZone I have attended a Lifestyle Change Class.  I now have my cholesterol and my blood pressure at normal levels for the first time in 30 years.  Dr Lucas has so much knowledge and knows many techniques.  Whenever something feels a little off, all I have to do is mention it and he has a way to straighten me out! - Diann Wingert  


Chriropractic care allows me to heal faster and perform at peak levels everyday.  I don't need to wait a few days for my back or legs to get better.  Chiropractic care keeps you body in shape all the time. - Cole Muzyl


Forty some years ago I hurt my back at work.  I was doubled over with pain.  For 3 days I suffered terribly.  Someone suggested I go to the Chiropractor.  I made the Appointment for that afternoon.  I walked up the stairs in great pain.  When I walked out of the office I was completely healed.   I have gone to the Chiropractor regularly since then.   I see Dr. Lucas twice a month.  I live a healthy life, free of pain and sickness.  I consider myself a seventy-forty year old. - Joseph Kofler


I have had fibromyalgia for several years so I have dealt with a lot of pain in many areas.  Low back, legs, accross my shoulders, neck, feet and hands.  Chiropractic has been amazing for me.  With my feet, I thought I would have to go back to the podoatrist.  I mentioned it to Dr. Lucas and he helped me.  It took several treatments and I can now wear my heals on occasion.   -  Connie Dunlop